Add two more! 10kw laser cutting equipment is running efficiently in Qingdao production line!

09, 2021


"Since the laser cutting machine come into using, the production efficiency is really high!" Faced with the increase in production capacity brought about by the laser cutting machine being put into production and optimizing the processing mode, Mr. Liu from Qingdao Tongrunda Metal Products Co., Ltd. was very excited.


It is reported that the company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of home appliances and auto parts. Cooperative companies include many Fortune 500 companies and well-known foreign companies. It has been awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" for many years. The company has excellent strength and outstanding achievements in the industry. In 2021, they purchased two OR-PH 12000W Protective Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from Oree Laser, which started efficient cutting and ushered in a new upgrade of metal processing and production transformation!


When customers choose cutting equipment, how to increase metal processing capacity and achieve good benefits will be the first dimension of their consideration.

The customer said: "The company used traditional processing methods such as shears, punch turrets, etc., which were low in processing efficiency and could not meet production needs. After being recommended by a friend, I learned about Oree Laser. In the comparison and consideration, it was considered that the overall strength and professionalism of Oree Laser was strong, and the equipment quality was good, so it stood out from many equipment manufacturers and chose to cooperate with Oree Laser.

The quality of the processed products of the 10kw laser cutting machine is excellent, and the productivity has been greatly improved. The speed of producing one order in the past can now produce three orders! High-speed cutting is accurate and fast, the utilization rate of the plate is greatly improved, the operating cost does not increase but decreases, and more complicated graphics can be produced, which enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise in the industry. High-efficiency performance processing further penetrates upstream, with fast cutting speed, high precision and good quality. The company's production capacity can be effectively occupied in the equipment manufacturing industry. The significant cost advantage has made customers applaud, and the orders brought by efficient processing are overwhelming.



Laser cutting machines have realized the upgrading and optimization of metal production. Today, with the continuous improvement of productivity, the manufacturing industry has more and more stringent product requirements. Quality and efficiency are the keys to enterprises to enhance market vitality and competitiveness. The OR-PH Protective Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, intelligent high-end laser equipment enables production, excellent cutting level improves the quality and efficiency of enterprise production, and goes all out to carry the important task of stable production!

Science and technology change the world, and Oree creates the future together. Create an intelligent high-end laser equipment manufacturing brand that satisfies more companies and customers, and effectively enhances the driving force of technological innovation for metal production. Pursuing quality excellence, striving for excellence, and technological innovation have always been the value orientation and unchanging development direction of Oree Laser. Oree Laser will continue to be market demand-oriented and customer quality requirements as the benchmark to further expand its equipment in the market. The market share will make greater contributions to the grand blueprint for the development of Made in China!

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