Middle sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-FM

The fiber laser cutting machine mainly apply for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium and other metal sheet, and widely used in advertising, high pressure / low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery accessories, kitchen appliances, cars, machinery, elevators, electrical accessories, spring coil pieces, metro line parts and other industries.  

mm inch
Model OR-FM 3015
Working Area 3050*1530mm
Laser Power 1000w~3000w
Max Speed 100m/min
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Product Advantage

Middle sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fifth-generation aviation aluminum alloy beam

In order to improve the beam structure and optimize its dynamic performance, while ensuring the stability of the beam structure, the fourth-generation aviation aluminum alloy beam was developed using finite element analysis. The whole beam is processed by T6 heat treatment process to make the beam obtain the highest strength. Solution treatment improves the strength and plasticity of the beam, optimizes and reduces its weight, and speeds up the movement.

Automatic lubrication system

The time and frequency of lubrication can be adjusted through the central control system, and comprehensive multi-point lubrication for guide rails, sliders, screws, racks, etc., and automatic return and collection of waste lubricating fluid.

Laser head

The laser head is made of high-quality materials in accordance with advanced technology. It is strong and durable. It can achieve "online" measurement during the production process, and the measurement is accurate and rapid.

Single platform steel pipe plug-in welding bed

It adopts 8mm high-strength steel pipe laser cutting, plug-in bed structure. Three welding processes are adopted, such as through welding, and the weld is not easy to crack. After stress annealing and natural aging treatment, internal stress is eliminated, so that the bed maintains good mechanical properties, with good tensile properties, toughness and hardness.


【1】The maximum load per square meter of the operating platform is 150KGS;

【2】Effectively resist the huge inertia brought to the bed by high-frequency and high-speed commutation, and the bed is more stable;

【3】 Use plug-in welded bed, through welding and other 3 welding processes

Technical Data

mm inch
OR-FM 3015
Working Area 3050*1530mm
Repeat Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Accuracy of Positioning ±0.03mm
Max Movement Speed 100m/min
Laser Power 1000w~3000w
Working Table Blade table
Max Acceleration 1G

What materials can the laser machine handle?

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