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12, 2021

by Oree Laser

With the rapid development of mobile communication technology and continuous upgrading and optimization, people are more eager for fast and efficient communication methods. Communication engineering is a major project in the construction and development of information field, in which the construction of communication tower plays an important role in communication engineering. As a witness of social and economic development, the construction of communication tower plays a key role in promoting the coordinated development of social economy. The surge in demand for tower construction projects has posed a severe test to the production capacity of its basic components.

If you want to promote production capacity and achieve efficient production, it is essential to rely on high-end intelligent cutting equipment. Many enterprises have chosen laser cutting equipment with a high degree of automation. as a hot processing mode at present, laser technology is outstanding in the metal processing industry by virtue of its excellent processing technology and efficiency-oriented processing advantages. it plays a very important role.

The cooperation with Oree Laser is from Mexico, the customer is a communication tower construction enterprise, the main business is to undertake communication tower construction and metal parts processing, mainly processing ultra-long and overweight special-shaped metal pipes. Customers want to enhance the production capacity of heavy-duty pipe, save consumables and production costs, after many times of full communication and consideration, customers are very satisfied with the production strength, equipment quality and sales service of Oree Laser, and finally decided to cooperate with Oree Laser to buy ultra-long heavy-duty three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine OR-TS12035.



As soon as the production task order is received, the Oree laser intelligent production base responds quickly and strictly supervises the whole process of equipment manufacturing and assembly, and professional engineers go deep into the front line to strictly control the quality of the equipment; ensure that the delivery quality and accuracy of the equipment can be controlled. After tense and orderly equipment installation and commissioning, and through strict quality inspection procedures to verify that the equipment meets the factory requirements, the order has been successfully completed.


Ultra-long heavy-duty three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine is especially suitable for heavy-duty pipe processing, this equipment has significant advantages in the metal heavy pipe processing process, "12mm 12m" super-long whole workpiece feeding and blanking, support ultra-long heavy metal pipe cutting, single pipe load-bearing up to 900KG, three-chuck cooperative operation to achieve pipe cutting zero tail material, saving a lot of production cost. The perfect combination of laser technology and pipe processing technology shows the world the R & D, manufacturing and technical strength of Oree laser in the industry field.

Facing the diversified demand of metal processing, accelerate the expansion of the market pattern of metal processing. Oree Laser will continue to increase equipment R & D and innovation, comprehensively improve equipment quality, technological innovation, sales service and other dimensions, improve the global sales network system, and serve users at zero distance. to provide more high-quality laser equipment at home and abroad to promote the vigorous development of metal processing.

Oree Laser specializes in the laser industry for more than 10 years, is a laser application equipment research and development, production and sales in one of the intelligent high-end laser equipment manufacturers, to provide users with intelligent high-end laser cutting equipment. Orient Laser 24 hours dedicated service for you: 400,960,1123.


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