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Challenging Installation! Oree Laser Intelligent Production Base Mounting the Platform Challenge Starting

09, 2021

by Oree

In order to further tap the professional potential of production engineers, solid assembly operation capabilities, provide a full display of their own and exchange platform. Recently, the Oree Laser Production Technology Center to "deep exploration potential, excellence" as the theme of the equipment assembly contest in the intelligent production workshop opened.


The contest was planned and organized by the Production operations center, and several departments participated in the competition. The test project covers the assessment of whether the equipment assembly order is correct, the precision of assembly, and the assembly time, and finally calculates the results of the competition in a comprehensive manner with precision, smoothness, and assembly operation.


In the course of the competition, the contestants not only fight speed but also ensure the precision and operational stability of equipment assembly, it is the contestant's professional skills, hands-on ability, careful degree of all-round inspection, and ability to compete. The contestants showed the judges the professional qualities, technical skills, and operating level of the Oree laser production engineers, which were well received by the judges.



This competition mobilizes the production engineers to compete for technology, practice the strength of the enthusiasm, set off a new climax of competition for excellence while strengthening the various departments to cooperate with each other and common exchanges. At present, the game is in an orderly manner.

As an intelligent high-end laser equipment manufacturer, with advanced technology as the guide, from the actual needs of users, and constantly optimize the production process, with science and technology enabling equipment to enhance the core competitiveness of products, is committed to innovative research and development of intelligent equipment and put into production, for enterprises to achieve cost-effectiveness, improve production efficiency, enhance the level of manufacturing industry, promote the transformation and development of the industrial level play a huge role in promoting.

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