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Four major industry advantages make you have to choose the Oree laser

01, 2019

by oreelaser

As the leading brand in the laser industry, Oree laser high-power fiber laser cutting machine has refreshed the laser cutting limit in history, redefines the laser industry application, and solves many technical barriers in many industries.

The four major laser industries advantages owned by Oree Laser include: "thick carbon steel bright surface cutting", "aluminum alloy bright surface cutting", "low pressure air cutting" and "low pressure nitrogen cutting" technology. By changing the nozzle structure, nozzle diameter, real-time focus position control, and optimizing perforation, all which realize the cutting section of the thick carbon steel more smooth and lustrous. Besides that the verticality is greatly improved, and the cutting speed is also increased by more than 20%.


1.Carbon steel limit cutting   

In the laser cutting industry, 30mm has always been the limit of carbon steel cutting. Oree laser broke through the limit this time with the cutting thickness upto 50mm, which refreshed the industry's perception. Especially that Oree even applies the bright cutting process to achieve all the carbon steel sheets with a smooth surface cut below 30mm. This is also tantamount to re-establishing industry standards.

2.Thick plate limit hole cutting

In the field of laser cutting, we all always believed that the thickness of the sheet is the smallest diameter of the cut hole. Oree laser achieved a minimum aperture of 0.2 times or less of the plate thickness, which broke the industry's perception.


3.Carbon steel thick plate perfect sharp angle cutting process    

The perfect sharp-angle cutting process for carbon steel slabs is a new process developed by Oree Laser for high-quality cutting of carbon steel slabs. Compared with the previous standard cutting process, the new process has a faster cutting speed and a smaller slope (35mm carbon steel unilateral 15 filaments). From the official cutting sample of Oree laser, the cutting section is bright and the roughness is greatly reduced. The process can be flexibly applied to the cutting of high-precision crafts and thick-plate workpieces in the future, which will greatly improve the cutting quality and cutting efficiency of the workpiece.

4.New breakthroughs in stainless steel and non-ferrous metal cutting processes


Another eye-catching feature of Oree Laser is that when cutting stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the cutting thickness doubles the industry limit and even reaches 50mm. The cutting record for stainless steel and aluminum alloy was refreshed.

With the four advantages of laser industries, Oree laser is no different from the new round of technological revolution in the industry. The development of new industry standards marks a major step forward in human laser application technology.

Laser equipment that can realize this process: high power fiber laser cutting machine OR-H

Model selling point

● Equipped with powerful high-power laser device: It’s out power from 6KW to 15KW, no fear of thick plate, thin plate cutting is faster.

●Fully enclosed laser protection glass: It is safe and environmentally friendly.

●The stable cast iron bed: It can ensure the machine accurate for a long time.

●Aerospace grade cast aluminum beam can realize cutting with high speed and good precise.

●WIFI remote intelligent assistance: It can provide global real-time feedback, real-time fault analysis and elimination.

●Automatic nozzle replacement: It not only eliminate manual replacement time, but ensure reliable replacement accuracy and stability.

●Bright cutting module process: It make the surface of the finished product is smooth and lustrous, which save the cost without the secondary grinding process. 


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