Laser technology in the food machinery industry

02, 2019

by oreelaser

Food safety is about human health and has become one of the focuses of global attention. In the process of food processing, food machinery plays a pivotal role in the direct contact with food during processing, so the quality of mechanical equipment will directly affect the quality of food. Food machinery is an industry that provides equipment for the food industry. Since the reform and opening up, China has continuously introduced, digested, and absorbed advanced technologies to design and manufacture food machinery and equipment with advanced levels at home and abroad. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food types and the quality requirements have gradually increased, which also provides a broad space for development in the food machinery industry. 

In the past, food machinery adopted traditional processing methods in the manufacturing process. This workshop has low efficiency, extensive production, high production cost and large proportion of manual processing, which has greatly hindered the innovation and development of the food machinery industry. Compared with traditional processing, laser cutting technology has prominent advantages in the food machinery industry, which not only eliminates complicated processes such as stamping, shearing and bending, but also improves the quality of finished products after laser processing, and the processing cost is further reduced.


The high-speed fiber laser cutting machine has reliable performance, can control the cutting precision within ±0.1mm/m, and obtain extremely fine slits to ensure the food is mechanically sealed. The laser cutting machine can meet the requirements of stable cutting of the entire workpiece without mold manufacturing, which greatly reduce the cost input; In addition, laser cutting is non-contact, clean and hygienic, suitable for food machinery safety production; laser cutting workpiece section is smooth and flat, no burrs, can be used to manufacture high-end machinery without secondary treatment; laser cutting with a fast cutting speed and can cut metal materials of different thicknesses, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of food machinery.


For example, taking the application of laser processing technology in the oven, the components of the oven are mostly tube materials, and the structure is relatively simple. Usually, the processed components are assembled to obtain the basic structure of the oven. The tube laser cutting machine adopts laser as the processing means with the fast cutting speed. For the 1mm thick pipe, the length of cutting can be 12 meters per minute, and the laser-cut material has a flat section and high precision. Therefore for the mechanical equipment which is not required for precision, it is easy to realize the requirement by laser cutting. 


Compared with the traditional processing methods like sawing, stamping, grinding, etc., the tube laser cutting has a significant advantage in efficiency. In addition to the cutting efficiency, the automatic loading and unloading system is configured, eliminating the investment in manual handling. Fully automatic pipe laser cutting machine is usually equipped with 2 workers to achieve continuous production. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the more ovens are used for outdoor barbecues, and the huge market demand at home and abroad has greatly stimulated the production of ovens. Especially the parts are processed by tube laser cutting machine from Oree laser. Product capacity and quality have been greatly improved, effectively helping processors solve high-volume order problems.

The development of food machinery manufacturing industry has been on the rise in recent years. With the increasingly severe food safety, the upgrading of machinery equipment has become a big trend.




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