Application of laser cutting process on Christmas decorations

01, 2019

by oreelaser

Although the Christmas is a festival of Westerners, it is gradually being popularized by Chinese nationals with The colorful Christmas are coming to us. All business districts like restaurants, shops, are trying their best to decorate Christmas. Such colorful Christmas decoration elements, how can we get less involved in the laser cutting process?


Although the Christmas is a festival of Westerners, it is gradually being popularized by Chinese nationals with Chinese and Western cultures interact and infiltrate each other. The festival has not yet arrived, and people's holiday enthusiasm has long been ignited. Christmas elements such as Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Christmas card, elk, bow, snowflake can be seen anywhere. Do you know what these cute and beautiful Christmas cards are made of?

As we all know that laser processing is a non-contact processing method which does not generate any external force to deform the object. Besides that there are many advantages such as no burrs, exquisite product patterns, environmental protection requirements, and the ability to process any complex shapes, making the application of laser cutting machines in the ornament processing industry more and more mature. The reason why the Christmas elements can be presented in a variety of rich postures is inseparable from the contribution of the laser cutting machine. The following are Christmas crafts processed by laser cutting machine.

Wooden decoration

As people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, the Christmas tree has gradually turned from a real tree to a plastic tree, so it has lost a little bit of solid wood. It is very appropriate to hang some wood pendant by laser. Because the craft laser cutting machine is combined with the numerical control system, after drawing on the software, the high-energy laser beam can cut out the required pattern or text according to the design drawings, romantic greetings, chic snowflake, family name, a story of fairy tale in water droplets. 



Acrylic decoration

The acrylic processed by laser-cut bright color of creates a Christmas world full of elegance and vitality. The non-contact laser cutting process has no direct contact with Christmas decorations, no mechanical deformation and no mold. Exquisite snowflake with wooden snowflake, fancy snowflake with halo, shiny letters hidden in transparent balls, 3D Christmas deer, and the changing design allows us to see the infinite possibilities created by the craft laser cutting machine.


Paper decoration

With the laser cutting process within a precision of up to a millimeter, lightweight paper has a variety of decorative postures in Christmas. A paper lantern hanging overhead, a paper Christmas tree placed in front of a Christmas dinner, or a "clothing" wrapped around a cup cake, or a Christmas tree clinging to a goblet "thigh”.



The classic red and green collocation is the favorite of Christmas. Because of this, the decoration of Christmas has become similar. But the laser process is injected into the holiday decoration, the crafts laser cutting machine makes the style of the pendant no longer limited to the traditional.



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