The 20000w High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment OR-PH from Oree Laser Has Been Delivered Successfully!

07, 2021


The 20000w High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment OR-PH from Oree Laser Has Been Delivered Successfully!



Recently, with the hard efforts of the whole employees of Shandong Oree laser Technology Co.Ltd, the 20000w high power fiber laser cutting machine has completed the production tasks timely with quality and quantity,and completed the delivery smoothly in strict compliance with relevant regulations .1.jpg2.jpg

It is understood that the customer of this cooperation with Oree Laser is a tunnel engineering equipment supplier in China, which is mainly engaged in connecting general steel pipe sheets for tunnels, shield tunneling steel structure accessories, shield machine disassembly and welding, shield machine steel structure, production and manufacturing of tools for construction, shield machines, steel molds for engineering, and sales and service of supporting equipment, spare parts, environmental sanitation equipment, and coking equipment. The introduction of the high-power fiber laser cutting machine OR-PH 20000w from oree laser has greatly improved the cutting efficiency, shortened the product production cycle, saved the labor time and cost, and improved the production efficiency. It is helpful to improve the company’s production equipment and promote the company’s product. The production and manufacturing of the company play an important role in enhancing the company’s market competitiveness.

"Strictly follow the production procedures, and ensure timely, quality and quantity shipments" are the words that echoed in the ears of all employees of Oree Laser. Workers must sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. As soon as the company receives an order of laser cutters, the company will start intensively arranging production. The production staff will work together, carefully assemble, and refine production to ensure strict compliance with the quality control system specifications of the Oree production line manufacturing industry. Carry out production, and arrange special personnel for production tracking to ensure that the products meet the strict quality standards of Oree Laser. Before shipment, each device has undergone strictly quality inspection procedures from its appearance to its overall performance, and meets the factory requirements.3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg

After the cutting machine is transported to the designated place, the professional after-sales engineers of Oree laser will follow up the equipment unloading,assembly and debugging to the greatest extent to protect the rights and interests of customers. Really make customers feel at ease when buying, use with confidence, and repay customers’ trust in us with strict quality control and perfect services.6.jpg

With strong corporate manufacturing and technical strength, excellent product quality and all-round attentive service, oree laser metal fiber laser cutters assist the enterprise in manufacturing and production with 10kw, solves problems for customers, and has been unanimously affirmed and trusted by customers, and has been recognized by the industry gradually louder. Oree laser cutting machine will continue to pursue excellent product quality as the unchanging pursuit, and implement it in every link of equipment research and development, production and sales, while manufacturing advanced laser cutting equipment, provide comprehensive and high-quality with our good-quality service, we will work with our customers for an outstanding future.

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