Laser cutting machine creates a different visual feast in the lighting industry

10, 2019

by Oree Laser


Lights play an important role in modern home life. The role of luminaires has not only been limited to lighting but also played a decorative role more often. The sleek and simple lighting design adds to our daily life. Today’s lamps also use a variety of materials: cloth, stainless steel, wood and so on. All of these laser cutting machines can handle. Let OREE take you to enjoy the light decoration made by laser cutting machine.


The Norwegian forest lighting is designed by a Norwegian designer. The birch surface is engraved with pine forests and animals. Under the light, the thick Nordic style is just like alive, shining in front of you.


The idea of this lamp comes from Germany. The lampshade of the variable lamp is two papers processed by laser cutting technology. We can decide where to hollow out and where to not move it, thus creating a near-infinite light and shadow shape.

例子04.jpeg  例子06.jpeg

The bulb of 3D form is made with of flat wooden board, and the bamboo board is cut to form a lampshade that looks like a shell; the complex cutting felt makes the lampshade to show the effect of light and shadow interaction; the laser-etched cube emits different light from inside.


This Italian-designed table lamp uses only folding and laser cutting to create a simple metal structure. The designer uses a laser-cut barrel structure to hold the bulb in place, and then configures a small alloy sheet to adjust the direction of light propagation, resulting in a very simple, stable, thin lamp.

Technical principle:laser cutting

Laser cutting technology has been widely used in various home designs. Laser cutting can not only adapt to high reflective materials such as stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass, and copper, but also has the characteristics of modeless processing, which satisfies the requirement of small-batch customization in the home decoration industry. Compared to conventional cutting processes, laser cutting machines can cut a better quality workpiece and reduce machining processes.

The specific advantaged of  laser cutting machine in the metal lighting processing industry lies in :

●Laser cutting technology belongs to non-contact processing. It uses a high-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to achieve melting. The high-pressure gas blows away the slag to complete the cutting action. The whole process belongs to CNC machining, no contact, and no deformation.

The laser cutting machine is completely free from the limitation of the pattern complexity, the processing speed is very fast, the precision is high, the cutting end face is beautiful, and original cold material can be processed into an artistic pattern, with the effect of light, the metal pattern is more refined.

Taking sheet metal cutting as an example, traditional sheet metal cutting requires several processes such as cutting, punching, and bending, and correspondingly requires a large number of molds, which needs more cost input and waste. In contrast, laser cutting machines do not need to go through these procedures, and the effect of cutting is better.

Oreelaser's high-speed fiber laser cutting machine for sale is an affordable, easy-to-use, and versatile tool that can help you begin a new startup venture or increase the profits of your well-established company. This type of fiber laser cutter is suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium ect., and has been widely used in advertising, high pressure / low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery accessories, kitchen appliances, cars, machinery, elevators, electrical accessories, spring coil pieces, metro line parts and other industries.


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