How to choose the power of laser cutting head

02, 2020

by Oree Laser

When buying a laser cutting head, many people will give priority to its cost performance, not only the price should be appropriate, but its cutting quality and cutting power are also the focus of analysis and comparison. The price is a number that is easy to see and analyze, but to cut the material you usually use, its rated power needs to be carefully considered.


The cutting power of the laser cutting head is mainly different in the two aspects of cutting material and thickness.

Generallylaser cutting heads are used to cut metal materials, and there are also some materials such as plastics and glass-ceramics. Here, the metal is mainly explained. Metal materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, copper and other non-ferrous metals. Their metal properties are different, so the requirements for cutting heads are different. The higher the melting point or vaporization point, the higher the power rating of the laser cutting had required. And vice versa.


From the perspective of cutting thickness, the higher the thickness of the metal material, the higher the power rating required. High-power cutting heads can cut thin plates, but low-power cutting heads are not recommended for cutting thick plates. Theoretically, the higher the power of the laser head, the better the cutting effect, but not all of them. Only by selecting and cutting the right power for the thickness can good quality be cut.


Judging from the current market applications, generally, 1000W-4000W laser heads can meet the needs of the cutting.


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