the installation of the laser cutting machine in 12KW power is completed!

05, 2022



  A few days ago, OR-PG12025, OREE  LASER 's 12000W ultra-high-power sheet metal laser cutting machine , arrived at the customer's site. The professional after-sales team quickly formulated a plan according to the customer's situation, and carried out installation and debugging. At present, the equipment has been successfully put into production in the iron tower manufacturing industry. From equipment delivery to production, it only takes a few days, greatly reducing the waiting time for customers. and shows the speed and efficiency of OREE.

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser 



Take the chance and focus on tower crafting upgrade!

  The customer who purchased the equipment is a specialized production company engaged in the manufacture of iron towers and iron accessories, steel pipe poles, line accessories, concrete poles and prefabricated parts, with the production of steel poles and towers. transmission of energy as the main field.


  The angle steel and steel plate parts used in the manufacture of the iron tower must be produced in strict accordance with the parameter standards to ensure the stability of the iron tower. Therefore, the precision of the machining and the quality of each component are very important.


  In order to improve the competitiveness of manufactured products and gain recognition from the tower manufacturing industry, the customer chose OR-PG12025 series of ultra-high power up to 12000W (sheet laser cutting machines) with a length of 12 meters, a double exchange platform. The commissioning of O REE laser cutting machine has greatly promoted and promoted the improvement of tower manufacturing capacity, improved the original low degree of automated production and waste of raw materials, released the processing capacity and promoted the incremental development of the iron tower manufacturing field.   


laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser 

Increase production and move towards smart and efficient production

  Intelligent manufacturing equipment has become the survival of the manufacturing industry. If companies want to increase production and achieve long-term stable development, intelligent manufacturing is the only way to transform and upgrade. REE L ASER provides a complete set of laser application solutions for companies to improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce production and operating costs.  

  Compared with traditional flame and plasma cutting processes, laser cutting machines have obvious advantages in terms of cutting accuracy, production speed and manufacturing efficiency: Precision integrated cutting operating system cuts production parts with higher precision, higher speed, faster, the workpiece cutting seam is smooth and beautiful, which is of great importance to improve processing efficiency and increase production capacity.

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser 

  OREE  Laser aims to build first-class laser manufacturing equipment, insists on building high-end laser equipment, and deploys a full range of sheet metal laser cutting machines, pipe laser cutting machines, integrated plate and tube lasers, 3D laser cutting machines, automated production lines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, etc. Backed by breakthroughs in key manufacturing technologies, we continuously improve core laser technologies, actively upgrade existing equipment, innovate and develop high-quality laser equipment, enrich product structure, and meet multi-level market demands. With high-quality services and high-quality products, it has been frequently recognized by the market and users, providing a strong guarantee for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

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