One after another! OREE Laser 12000w large format processing aircraft carrier perfect delivery!

05, 2022


 Seize the opportunity and seize the opportunity. Recently, OREE aser has completed the delivery of several laser equipment . 


        Entering the intelligent production workshop of OREE LASER, the front-line production staff is orderly and tight packaging and delivery, and the modular assembly manufacturing process, each production step and link is rigorous and orderly. All equipment undergoes a rigorous closed-loop quality inspection and debugging procedure before shipment to ensure high performance and stability of the equipment.


As the world's leading manufacturer of high-end intelligent laser equipment, Oree Laser combines the development trend of the metal processing industry around the world, in the transformation and improvement of intelligent manufacturing on the way to continuously develop new ideas. In this delivery order, a 12-meter-long laser cutting machine with a 10,000-watt processing surface is particularly noteworthy.


The equipment is Oreelaser OR-PH 12025 series ultra-high power plate laser cutting machine , especially for thick metal plate processing, PH series supports mounting up to 30,000W laser power, the area of super large cutting can contain the entire feed plate, thick plate cutting precision is high, speed is fast, thick metal plate processing performance has made new breakthroughs, production efficiency has been greatly improved, operation intelligent has realized the maximization of the use of metal materials. 


Over the years, the high-end laser manufacturing industry has been deeply cultivated by Oreelaser By refining the production process, optimizing the manufacturing process, the overall performance and stability of the equipment are greatly improved, and Oreelaser 's dominant position  in the field of high-end laser equipment manufacturing is continuously consolidated. . The OREE LASER in construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding heavy industry, sheet metal processing and other fields to give full play to their own technical advantages, while ensuring the quality of the equipment to meet the needs of customers, for businesses in all fields to achieve rapid growth in production to provide a strong guarantee.

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