To popularize the laser marking equipment a few conventional focus finding methods

08, 2019

by Oree Laser

1.Continuous light emission test method

Draw a square or circle about one centimeter on the marking software. After conventional filling, adjust the laser energy to relatively large in the laser setting parameter bar and use low frequency as much as possible. Then check the continuous marking, place a metal business card and so on in the laser projection position on the surface of the product, continuously light marking, shake up and down the z axis until the laser acts on the metal card energy is the strongest and the sound is the clearest. When the color is brightest, it is basically the focal length.Go up and down a few more times to find the right focal length. This method is more suitable for 1064 wavelength optical fiber marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, end-pumped laser marking machine, 355mm ultraviolet laser marking machine, 522mm green laser marking machine and so on. The carbon dioxide laser marking machine can find a piece of white paper, then draw a box in the marking software, Continuously emitting light shakes the z-axis. When the line on the paper is the most thin, it is the focal length surface. 

2.Measuring the focal length method

After the equipment manufacturer informs the current equipment focal length data, it can be recorded. Then each time after switching the product, you can use a steel ruler directly against the surface of the product. The scale value refers to a certain reference surface on the field mirror, shaking up and down to the calibration data. This method is suitable for all laser marking machines, but one drawback is that if the position of laser engraved products is concave or not suitable for steel ruler, this method is not very practical. 

3.Double red light point method

In this method, when the equipment is manufactured, one or two oblique rays of red light are installed next to the galvanometer. Using some principles of right triangle, a fixed right Angle side and two overlapping hypotenuse are used to find another right Angle side of the focal length plane. The focal length can be quickly found by simply rocking up and down until the two red indicators coincide. Although this method is convenient and fast, it requires the equipment manufacturer to cooperate with the secondary device. In addition, the adjustment is good or the middle shift, which is easy to mislead and form the wrong focal length surface.


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