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So beautiful! Laser-cut metal screen

03, 2020

by Oree Laser

In modern society, traditional home furnishing materials are difficult to meet people's aesthetic requirements, nor can they cope with changing indoor temperature and humidity conditions. Therefore, metal materials are more widely used in homes. Metal screens and metal furniture processed by laser cutting machines are increasingly integrated into people's lives.

Metal laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safety and stable performance. It has extremely high adaptability and flexibility. Using a CNC system, it can process complex patterns on metal plates. Metal and advanced processing technology, this combination of new and old, also gives metal crafts an unprecedented charm.


 Like this metal hollow screen, placed at the corner of the staircase, it is scattered and unique, becoming a scenery to enhance the texture of home decoration. When the light passes through, the hollowed-out hole becomes a still artist again, so that the light becomes various shapes. Metal hollow screens like this are not uncommon in today's home decoration, and the shapes are more complex and the materials are more diverse. The metal laser cutting machine can flexibly perform various pattern layouts, and perfectly combine the laser hollow elements with metal to easily create metal screens with novel styles, various patterns and unique designs.


More importantly, the quality of the metal laser cutting machine is better. During the metal processing of various materials, the cross-section is smooth without burrs, and there is no deformation in the heat-affected zone, which ensures the appearance of the metal screen to the greatest extent.


Metal laser cutting machine eliminates the mould opening steps in traditional processing while saving costs, effectively improving processing efficiency, which also provides more powerful support for metal screens to enter millions of households.


In the field of sheet metal processing, Oree laser technology has been precipitated for many years and has contributed to the market a variety of cost-effective metal laser cutting machines, hot-selling products OR-H series fibre laser cutting machines, with ultra-high cost performance, low maintenance costs. It can meet users' metal cutting needs, and let metal products shine a new charm.




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