Laser cutting & Art

08, 2019

by Oree Laser

Art originates from life and is higher than life .Leaf cutting artworks are from creative artist kanat nurtazin.


Belgian artist Vim Delvoye's iconic laser-cut metal sculptures. The cunning and humorous metal techniques make the intricate, decorative architectural spiral even more fascinating.


Eleven Twenty Seven's “Erembald” bicycle is a maverick. The bike is made with laser cutting technology. As a result, it can meet the requirements and expectations of cyclists. The bike is made entirely of stainless steel and has a simple shape. Inspired by the cell structure, this bike has a unique organic pattern. Users can also engrave their own name between the bike's locks, highlighting the bike's uniqueness.


Designer Antonio Rodriguez uses precision laser cutting technology to  process stainless steel plates, which are covered in natural leather. The  elegant chair that can be appreciated or used.


A blush chair designed by Danish designer SOFIE Brenner. The surface of the chair is made of hard aluminum shell, and the piercing of the seat surface is treated by laser cutting technology, and then the soft cushions are added. The whole design combines tactile, sensory and visual artistic effects. 



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