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How to choose a good fiber laser marker

09, 2018

by Site Editor

Firstly, determine what kind of product you want to mark, then you can decide to buy what kind of laser marking machine, for each material has its own best laser marking machine. Now, there are many kinds of laser marking machines are free to choose for us. For example, Oree laser marking machine designed different marking machines meet for differentproducts. Handheld marking machine has a unique design, with a small size, easy to carry, can be hand-held marking, convenient and quick.Protective marking machine with the first -level protection design, fully automatic adjustment of focal length, which optical fiber protective glass can filter light. It's the best choice for home users by protecting their eyes.


Secondly, the ray tools laser head. It is the most important factor for the the quality of the laser to affect the quality of the laser marking machine. The configured laser can ensure your marking effect and improve the operating efficiency of the machine. the laser head of Oree laser marking. Firstly, highly dustproof to IP65, fully enclosed optical path, the lens contamination is almost zero. Secondly, dynamic focus, you can flexibly adjust the focus scale, so that zero focus position Unified, no longer worry about adjusting process parameters. Thirdly, efficient cooling, focusing mirrors, collimating mirrors, and nozzles all have cooling capabilities. In addition, the laser head belongs to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, and good marking quality.


Thirdly, the vibration lens, the vibration of the laser marking machine directly determines the quality of the marking pattern. A good vibration lens can effectively improve the marking speed of the laser marking machine and ensure the graphic accuracy. Like Oree laser marking machine is a high-speed vibration lens, obtained the EU market mandatory certification


Fourthly, operation. You can try to choose a laser marking machine that is simple to operate. The simple operation steps can not only save our time, but also improve the corresponding work efficiency. Oree laser has always been adhering to the concept of thinking for customers, designing high-precision, low-cost, and simple operation of the laser marking machine, extremely popular in the laser industry.

Fifthly, after-sales service. It is also a problem that we need to pay attention to the after-sales service of laser marking machine sales, including the laser marking machine distribution, training, debugging and so on. Oree laser not only has perfect sales service and after-sales service, but also provides customers with corresponding pre-sale services. According to the customer's needs, it provides practical technical consultation and corresponding product information from the user's point of view and answers the user's request. Various problems provide users with a processing base for field visits and inspections. In addition, Oree Laser provides users with a full set of instructions for use, and assists users in planning according to actual site conditions, designs production sites and hydroelectric equipment, and provides users with a variety of technical training. Prior to delivery, user operators receive training on basic theory of laser, equipment operation, maintenance, and security protection system information. Customers can provide technical training free of charge at the factory, and technical personnel can also go to the site for training and installation.


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