CO2 laser cutting industrial applications and advantages

09, 2018

by Site Editor

CO2 laser cutter focus the CO2 laser beam on the surface of the material to melt the material by using a focusing lens. At the same time, the compressed gas coaxial to the laser beam is used to blow away the melted material and make the laser beam and the material move relative to each other along a certain path to form a certain shape of the slit. Since the 1970s, with the continuous improvement and development of CO2 lasers and numerical control technology, it has become an advanced processing method for industrial sheet cutting.


The advantages of CO2 laser cutting technology

Good cutting quality

Narrow incision width (usually 0.1--0.5mm), high precision (normal hole center distance error 0.1--0.4mm, contour size error 0.1--0.5mm), incision surface roughness (usually Ra is 12.5-25μm ), slits generally do not need reprocessing to weld。 

Fast cutting

For example, with 2KW laser power, 8mm thick carbon steel cutting speed is 1.6m/min; 2mm thick stainless steel cutting speed is 3.5m/min, heat affected zone is small, deformation is minimal. 

Clean, safe and pollution-free

The operator's working environment is greatly improved. The above significant advantages are enough to prove that: CO2 laser cutter has been and is replacing some of the traditional cutting process methods, especially the cutting of various non-metallic materials. It is an advanced processing method with rapid development and wide application.Since the 1990s, due to the development of China's socialist market economy, fierce competition among enterprises, each company must correctly select certain advanced manufacturing technologies based on its own conditions in order to improve product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, CO2 laser cutting technology has achieved rapid development in our country.


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