Automobile sheet metal processing

02, 2022

by Oree Laser

With the rapid development of China's economy, the quality of life of the people is getting better and better. cars are no longer a simple means of transportation, and people pursue more and more good dynamic performance and design aesthetics of cars. At present, cars have become popular in every household in our country. Mass and multi-form manufacturing of cars has become the norm. With the automobile manufacturing industry in order to meet the needs of export and domestic manufacturing upgrading, the traditional automobile processing technology and car body parts have been unable to meet the current product quality and production demand, the birth of laser cutting machine, it plays a key role in the production and manufacture of automobile sheet metal. 


Traditional metal processing methods mainly include plate cutting, punch, flame cutting, water cutting and so on. After the preliminary processing material is formed, the forehead angle and burr produced by the processing need to be polished again. The lack of processing technology leads to low production efficiency, it is difficult to achieve machining accuracy, and can not meet the processing needs of sheet metal parts with complex shape and high precision requirements in automobiles. From the technical and economic point of view, in order to improve the safety performance of the automobile, it is necessary to ensure the cutting accuracy of assembly materials. 

As an advanced means of metal processing, laser cutting has been put into use in many developed industrial countries as soon as it was introduced, and plays an important role in the field of automobile manufacturing. Auto parts, car doors, car body, car door frame, car trunk and car roof, car wheels, as well as many precision parts can be processed by laser cutting machine. 

With the characteristics of high cutting precision, fast production speed, no burr, adapting to a variety of complex feature parts processing, one-time forming and so on, laser cutting machine has become the preferred processing equipment in the automobile sheet metal manufacturing industry. The advantage of laser cutting equipment is very outstanding, which can be summed up in the following points: 

First, high-precision smooth cutting. 

Laser cutting equipment adopts intelligent operation control system and professional laser cutting software, which has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast production speed and smooth cutting. Can accurately cut complex patterns, minimal error, production worry-free and more rest assured! 

Second, save the cost of production. 

The production cost of laser cutting equipment is 50% of that of traditional cutting. The use of laser cutting machine can replace the blanking and manufacture of traditional machining die, and save a lot of mold manufacturing cost. Cut "zero tail" to achieve high utilization rate of plate and reduce user production cost. 

Third, a high degree of processing flexibility.

The use of laser cutting machine can achieve flexible processing, intelligent cutting software can edit a variety of complex graphics, small batch, large area, complex profile of the plate can also be cut freely! Laser cutting equipment has a large processing area and can process the whole plate to meet the personalized production needs of users and achieve flexible processing. 

Fourth, adapt to a variety of material accessories.

Laser cutting machine supports cutting all kinds of metal plates and pipes, which is mainly suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and alloy metal materials. The cutting surface is smooth and adaptable.

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