Application of thin-plate laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry

11, 2018

by oree laser

With the rapid development of the sheet metal processing industry, it has created conditions for the wide application of laser cutting machines. Especially in recent years, through industry research, we have seen that thin-plate laser cutting machines have become an indispensable driving force for the development of the metal processing industry, and also promoted the development of all walks of life, which is enough to reflect its important position.

Nowadays, the application range of thin steel sheets is also constantly expanding. For example, in the auto parts industry, electrical equipment industry, agricultural machinery industry and sanitary ware industry. They can be seen at a more affordable price, superior performance and easier production process. The advantages of sheet steel have further expanded the scope of its application and promoted the development of thin-plate laser cutting machines.

As we can know that steel sheets generally refer to steel sheets with a thickness within 3 mm, and the most common of which are ordinary steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets. Nowadays, the use of thin steel sheets is constantly increasing in the market, and the processing industry also pay more attention to them. For example, for material cutting, it needs to be smoother and the thickness should be evenly symmetrical. Besides that there must be no cracks or irregularities. If they want to realize the good cutting effect, you should choose the thin-plate laser cutting machine which can realize what you want to cut.

Compared with the traditional thin steel plate cutting method, the thin-plate laser cutting machine from Oree laser has higher equipment efficiency and can keep up with the rhythm of the times. It is a combination of high-tech and modernization, and it also conforms to the user's requirement. 

The practical application and advantages of laser cutting machine from Oree laser in sheet metal processing:

1) It can effectively utilize the advantages of programming software by thin plate fiber laser cutting machine, greatly improve the utilization of thin-plate materials, reduce the use and waste of materials, and reduce the labor intensity and strength of workers to achieve the desired results. On the other hand, to optimize the function of the discharge material, the cutting process of the thin plate cutting can be omitted, the material clamping can be effectively reduced, and the processing assistance time can be reduced. Therefore, the cutting plan is more reasonable, and the processing efficiency and material saving are effectively improved.

2) In an increasingly market environment, the speed of product development means the market. The application of laser cutting machine can effectively reduce the number of molds used, save the development cycle of new products, and promote the speed and pace of development. The quality of the parts by laser cutting is good, and the production efficiency is obviously improved, which is helpful for the production of small batches, which strongly guarantees the market atmosphere with a shortened product development cycle, and the application of laser cutting can be the size of the blanking die. Precise positioning of the size, laying a solid foundation for future mass production.

3) In the sheet metal processing operation, almost all the plates need to be formed on the laser cutting machine once, and the direct welding is combined, so the application of the laser cutting machine reduces the process and the construction period, effectively improves the work efficiency, and can realize The dual optimization and reduction of labor intensity and processing cost of workers, while promoting the optimization of the working environment, greatly improving the speed and progress of research and development, reducing the investment of molds, and effectively reducing costs.

In short, laser cutting machines have been widely used in many fields, especially as a new technical process in sheet metal processing. Laser cutting has greatly improved production efficiency and product quality. In the future, laser cutting technology will certainly gain more recognition in production and life, and its application prospects and development prospects are very extensive. With the continuous development of social industry and the advancement of laser processing technology, laser cutting technology will inevitably become an important processing method in the application of sheet metal processing technology. 

As a professional fiber laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and other laser equipment manufacturers, through independent innovation to overcome a number of key industrialization technologies, a number of technical indicators have reached and exceeded the international advanced level, and launched a world-leading world. Oree laser is your best choice.


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