The cast iron bed

Laser Parts advantage

●More stable

Cast iron bed, using flake graphite cast iron with the lowest tensile strength of 200MPa as the raw material, the whole high-temperature casting, through the multiple strict thermal aging, natural aging to form the bed body of ultra-high stability.

●High precision

The material has high stability and is unmatched by other materials and structures. The use of graphite cast iron as a raw material keeps the precision of the machine tool for a long time and remains unchanged for 50 years. The rough, fine, and super-fine of the imported gantry machining center guarantee the machining accuracy requirements of the machine body.

Long service life

The overall dynamic performance of the machine tool is stable, the equipment has good stability and long service life, and can effectively reduce the machining error caused by the vibration of the bed, which saves the user direct cost.


Flake graphite cast iron with a minimum tensile strength of 200 MPa. High carbon content, compressive strength and hardness. High shock absorption and wear resistance. Good casting properties and cutting performance. Keep the accuracy of the machine for a long time, unchanged for 50 years.