High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-S

Home use fiber laser cutting machine designed for small-scale work. This metal fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for home use. The whole fiber laser cutters with the safety protection cover, PMI screw drive, precision cutting. It has a small footprint and can meet the metal cutting of the home.

mm inch
Model OR-S 1309
Working Area 1330*950 mm
Laser Power 1000w/1500w/2000w
Max Speed 60 m/min
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Product Advantage

High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-S

Automatic lubrication system

software controls the oil pump to automatically perform multi-point lubrication, and manually can control the number and time interval of lubrication, saving labor time.

lubrication system automatically lubricates the guide rail, sliding block, screw, rack and other points to reduce the rate of equipment strain.

Horizontal sliding console

It is convenient for the operator to carry out subsequent operations such as loading and unloading, slag cleaning, etc., which is convenient and worry-free

All-round protective cover

The European CE standard OD4+ level protective glass observation window has a high laser protection level to prevent laser damage to personnel and ensure personal safety.

High rigidity overweight welded bed

Using 8mm high-strength steel pipe laser blanking, plug-in bed structure, adopting three welding processes such as straight-through welding, the weld is not easy to tear,  make the bed maintains good mechanical properties, good tensile performance, toughness, and hardness of the product.

Technical Data

mm inch
OR-S 1309
Working Area 1330*950 mm
Accuracy of Positioning ±0.02mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Movement Speed 60m/min
Max Acceleration 1G
Laser Power 1000w/1500w/2000w

What materials can the laser machine handle?

Application of the Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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