Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-FH

Flatbed fiber laser cutting machine is an ideal entry level laser cutting machine without high purchase cost and training cost. The whole machine adopts a cast iron body, a rack and pinion drive system, specially designed for all kinds of metal sheets. It is easy for users to operate and  maintain. At the same time, the strict assembly process ensures the stable operation of the machine with high cutting precision. Optical fiber laser cutting machine providing users with powerful cutting ability and efficiency with imported top-grade accessories, which is a good choice for users to process economic type.

mm inch
Model OR-FH 3015
Working Area 3000*1500mm
Laser Power 1000w~6000w
Max Speed 120m/min
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Product Advantage

Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data

mm inch
OR-FH 3015 OR-FH 4020 OR-FH 6020 OR-FH 6015 OR-FH 6025
Working Area 3000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2000mm 6000*1500mm 6000*2500mm
Accuracy of Positioning ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Repeat Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Max Movement Speed 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min
Laser Power 1000w~6000w 1000w~6000w 1000w~6000w 1000w~6000w 1000w~6000w
Working Table Blade table Blade table Blade table Blade table Blade table
Maximum Acceleration 1.5G 1.5G 1.5G 1.5G 1.5G

What materials can the laser machine handle?

Application of the Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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