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laser engraving VS hand engraving

10, 2018

by oreelaser

Laser engraving is a technology which based on numerical control technology, and take the laser as the processing medium. The physical degeneration of the processed material under the laser engraving and melting and vaporization can enable laser engraving to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser-engraved works have been controversial since their inception. Some players have pointed their criticisms at the laser engraving machine. Among them, the ones that are criticized by people are including that the engraving objects by machine, which are generally dull, blunt, facial expressions of people. Compared to hand-carved, the cold machine works without soul. Perhaps the most controversial is the olive core. For many olive art players, whether the crafts have a collection value, whether the products being engraved are lifelike and both.

In the early stage of laser engraving, the technology could not reach the standard. The works carved out according to the established procedures may indeed be rough and rigid. At the same time we should also see that as the development of technology matures, the degree of fineness of some laser engraving works is minimal. It is no less than a hand-carved work, and even some laser-carved works can make us feel amazing.

Below, let's take a look at the application of laser engraving on small objects:

Laser engraving portrait:


Laser engraving furniture:


Laser engraving bamboo slips 


Therefore, the society is advancing, the technology is developing, and the development of laser engraving technology will become more and more mature. In the past, we all thought that the machine engraving is rigid. Maybe in the future, this shortcoming will be continuously improved, and the level of machine carving works may be uncertain.

The development of laser engraving is a good thing. From the perspective of the engraver, it can promote the overall level of the engraving industry. The appearance of the laser engraving machine carving can replace some carver who have poor craftsmanship. And no matter how elaborate the laser engraving machine carving, it can never replace human creativity. As we can know that for the expensive wood, half of the owner of the wood will ask for the elements that they like. There are no template for their preferring. Therefore, it can be only realized by hand engraving. Those real engraving masters will only become more valuable.

From the buyer's point of view, the development of laser engraving is also a good thing. For example, laser engraving machine can realize mass production, and the price is lower than the manual production. That is to say that it is a good thing for the majority of players to get more choice when they purchase carved objects. 

It can be seen that hand-engraving will not be replaced. Under the laser engraving competition, the manual way out is to strive for excellence. Now the level of the  laser engraving machine has reached an indistinguishable level. Which of the following works can you see which are hand-engraving and laser machine-engraving?


Nowadays, laser engraving process can be used in lobular rosewood bracelets, combs, wooden screens, wooden handles and square pen holders, and making them more characteristic. It is understood that the bamboo and wood carvings include antique furniture, deep reliefs on ancient buildings, which all most have been replaced by laser engraving machine.

Laser engraving is a catalyst which can stimulate the engraving market. It can not only eliminate the inexperienced engraver, but also promote the improvement of the overall engraving industry. In other words, laser engraving is an inevitable trend in the development of the engraving industry. For the engraver, improving their professional skills is the only way out.


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