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What are the factors that affect the processing quality of laser cutting machines?

11, 2020

by Oree Laser

Laser cutting machine has the advantages of high accuracy, high speed, small heat affected area, etc., and can be widely used in sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, fitness equipment and other industries. Under different conditions, the cutting quality of the laser cutter will be different. So what factors will affect the cutting quality of the laser cutter?

1. Laser beam

In fact, the beam produced by the laser has a certain divergence angle, so that a certain dimension will be formed when the laser cutter is used to cut the workpiece, so the quality of the laser beam will have a direct impact on the cutting quality;

2. Material type

Different cutting materials have different cutting quality. Some materials have high reflectivity, which is not conducive to the formation of light spots, such as copper;

3. Material thickness

The same material, the greater the thickness, the wider the slit, the lower the accuracy, and the quality of the cut workpiece is not so high;

4. Speed

Moderate cutting speed can make the precision of the workpiece reach the peak. Too slow speed may cause the roughness of the cutting seam to be very large, but if the speed is too fast, the phenomenon of impenetrable cutting may appear, so it is crucial to control the speed of laser cutter.

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