The newest 15KW laser for thick plate cutting 2019

11, 2018

by OreeLaser

As China's development enters a new stage, major projects such as railways, highways, and water conservancy construction continue to advance, our construction machinery market demand will enter a peak period, and thick plate laser cutting equipment will be widely used in China's construction machinery industry. In order to meet this market demand, high-power lasers came into being.

The market expansion of thick-plate laser cutting equipment has placed higher demands on the power of lasers, which prompting laser manufacturers to continuously develop higher-power lasers. At present, the high-power laser technology of domestic manufacturers has been continuously improved, and it has quickly approached the foreign leader, especially in the 10,000-watt laser.

Therefore, the emergence of 15,000 watt laser is undoubtedly another choice for the future high power laser market. Oree laser takes you to see what advantages the 15,000 watt laser has?

Compared to low power lasers, 15KW multimode continuous fiber lasers have the following advantages:

1. Ultra-thick plate processing: continuous power adjustment, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high beam quality, beam flat top type, uniform spot distribution, and the advantages of processing thick plates, can be used for thick plate cutting and welding;

2. Fast response: fast photoelectric detection of the laser, the response speed reaches microsecond level, real-time monitoring of the operating parameters of the laser;

3. Automated monitoring: equipped with self-developed laser monitoring software, which can monitor the temperature, humidity, current and other parameters of the internal module, and keep abreast of the laser status;

4. System reliability: real-time monitoring of important safety parameters such as multi-point temperature and light intensity, feedback control of the flow of cooling equipment, embedded in the alarm module, effectively improve system reliability;

5. Cooling and heat dissipation: Improve the fiber device to withstand the upper power limit and effectively solve the heat dissipation problem;

6. Photoelectric separation: The circuit part and the optical path part adopt the modular design of photoelectric separation. If the laser fails, the optical path or circuit module can be quickly replaced on site.

In the future, the development potential of domestic high-power products is huge. With the continuous development of laser cutting technology, the power of lasers used in industrial production will continue to grow, and the cutting thickness will continue to break through, bringing more surprises to industrial production.

Several domestic laser manufacturers have made strong breakthroughs in industrial fiber laser technology. High-power and ultra-high-power industrial-grade fiber lasers have been able to achieve mass production, demonstrating the strong innovation and integration capabilities of domestic laser manufacturers. Domestic ultra-high power fiber laser technology has surpassed foreign similar manufacturers and has become an inevitable trend. In addition, domestic lasers are extremely cost-effective and more conducive to corporate procurement cost control. We believe that on the basis of cost advantages and quality improvement, more and more equipment manufacturers favor or choose domestic laser manufacturer brands.


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