Precautions for laser use in winter

12, 2020

by Oree Laser

Ambient temperature requirements of laser

The requirements for the operating environment of the laser are shown in the table below. The temperature is required to be between 5 ° C and 45 ° C. If it exceeds this range, the laser may not only be unstable, but may even cause damage to the laser, such as the internal cooling water pipe freezing.

Lowest value

Highest value

Operating ambient temperature



Ambient temperature≤40 ℃, humidity requirement



Dry storage temperature



The situation that is likely to cause the laser (water-cooled machine) to freeze

1. The temperature is below 0 ° C, there is no heating facility, and the laser is stopped for a long time.

2. The temperature is below 0 ° C, and there are heating facilities, but because the heating and power supply is stopped during the holiday (such as the Spring Festival), the laser stops for a long time.

3. The water cooler is placed outdoors.

Hazards due to icing of lasers (including chillers)

As we all know, the density of ice is less than water. Once the cooling water flowing through the core components inside the laser freezes, the volume will expand, which may cause serious damage to the pipeline, and then seriously affect the safety of core components and cause major losses.


1. Ensure that the ambient temperature is above 0 ° C.

2. Keep the laser and water cooler always on, and let the water flow to prevent freezing

3. Drain the water in the laser and water cooler tanks and pipes as much as possible

4. Add Klein antifreeze

After winter, please pay attention to changing back to normal cooling water, and change back to the original parameters. Before changing the water, rinse the antifreeze in the entire water tank and pipelines thoroughly before changing the water normally. The deionization cartridge was changed at the same time as the water was changed. Refill the water, and be sure to vent the pump before turning it on, otherwise the pump will be damaged.


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