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Meet the golden age of fiber laser cutting and marking machine

09, 2018

by Site Editor

Looking at the global market, North America, Europe and Asia are still the most important laser technology markets, however, the rapid development of China's laser market is particularly prominent. As the two most important applications in the global laser market, fiber laser marker  and  laser cutting machine occupy half of the market


What is proud of is that in China, innovative applications of fiber laser marking have emerged in an endless stream. The application of laser marking machines is more extensive than in foreign countries and covers almost every aspect of domestic processing. With the advantages of maintenance-free, high flexibility and high reliability, laser marking machines gradually replace the traditional marking methods and become the mainstream of modern marking processing.

The fiber laser marking machine that came from behind became the leader in marking competition because of its advantages of fast marking, strong adaptability and maintenance-free operation. For a time, domestic laser manufacturers flocked to compete in the manufacture of fiber laser marking machines; as one of them, Oree lasers, with its rapid development trend, are occupying more domestic and foreign markets, even in three-dimensional curved metal Non-metallic materials on the marking is also more than adequate. Fiber Laser cutting and laser marking machine play an important role in the upgrading of industrial manufacturing as an advanced manufacturing tool; Oree laser is bound to usher in more opportunities for development


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