Good news about the order comes frequently, OREE laser intelligent equipment is exported overseas in batches

10, 2022


In the intelligent production workshop of more than 60,000 square meters, 23 OREE laser cutting equipment will be shipped to the international port. In recent years, OREE Laser has continued to launch strategic new products in key markets, optimized overseas marketing channels and services, and seized new opportunities for export development. The equipment exported overseas in batches has achieved good market response, and has been concerned and favored by overseas customers.


As a high-quality Chinese intelligent laser equipment manufacturing enterprise, OREE Laser keeps up with the industry trend, relies on advanced design and development technology and strict quality management system, continuously brings high-quality products and equipment and perfect service experience to users, and subverts laser with an excellent attitude Intelligent equipment manufacturing pattern, and help Chinese manufacturing to go global.


The ultimate concept penetrates into every detail of equipment research and development. OREE laser's excellent equipment configuration and processing performance make OREE laser intelligent equipment a leading cutting effect and a smart experience. The high-performance bus control package realizes highly intelligent and flexible processing, which greatly improves the cutting performance and stability of the equipment. While achieving high-speed cutting, it can meet the diverse needs of customers.


Comprehensive lean optimization and upgrading, intelligent and highly integrated design, to achieve a perfect balance between strong cutting kinetic energy and energy saving and low consumption, high-quality beams are suitable for plates of different thicknesses, bringing excellent high-quality cutting experience, improving production efficiency in an all-round way, and ensuring production safety. .发货4.jpg

Laser manufacturing, glorious expeditions, OREE Laser's bigger and stronger high-quality products, and the export of intelligent equipment overseas in large quantities are strong proofs of the quality of OREE Laser's equipment and corporate strength. In the future, OREE Laser will continue to be customer-centric, actively expand the international market, build competition barriers with core technologies and high-end manufacturing processes, and create high-quality laser equipment that is leading the same level and is well-known at home and abroad!

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