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11, 2018

by Oree laser

Since its invention, the laser has been widely used in industrial processing, medical beauty, scientific research and other fields with its excellent characteristics. The laser has four main characteristics, including high brightness, good directivity, good monochromaticity and high coherence. These characteristics are related to each other, enabling the laser to be adapted to different scenes.

High brightness of laser

A laser with high brightness is mainly due to its high concentration of light beams. The high brightness of the laser is also a manifestation of its high concentration of energy. After focusing by the lens, thousands of degrees, even tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature can be formed near the focus, which makes it possible to process almost all materials.

The high concentration of energy is a very important feature of lasers. It is precisely because of this advantage that it can be widely used in industrial processing and medical fields.


The color of light is determined by the wavelength of light, and light has a certain wavelength range. The narrower the wavelength range, the better the monochromaticity will be. For ordinary light sources, for the spectral line width is relatively large and the frequency range is too wide, the color displayed will be more complicated.

Compared with the normal light source, the line width of the laser is much narrower. However, the line width of the laser is limited by many factors, and it is almost impossible to reach the theoretical level. For example, changes in temperature, slight vibrations in the laser, airflow in the volumetric optics, and external pumping can cause instability in the resonant frequency, which can result in reduced performance.

Good directionality

The light emitted by ordinary light sources propagates in various directions with a large divergence angle. Compared to the ordinary light source, the divergence angle of the laser is small and is emitted almost in parallel. The light emitted by the laser is a kind of polarized light with a fixed direction. A simple case can visually express this: the laser will not refract on the water.

Among various lasers, gas lasers are the most prominent in directionality, second is the solid state laser, and the semiconductor lasers are a bit less performant in this regard.


Good coherence

The light wave is composed of countless photons. The light quantum emitted from the laser is consistent in wavelength, frequency and polarization direction due to the resonance principle, which makes it have a very strong interference force. We also generally refer to lasers as coherent light. It is precisely because the laser is much more coherent than ordinary light sources.

The adoption of lasers as a source of holography is also a feature of good coherence.


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