Exchange platform

Laser Features

The co2 laser cutting machine is equipped with an exchange double table. The sheet workpiece can be loaded and unloaded at the same time as the cutting process. The table is equipped with a rotatable ball support to facilitate the movement of the plate.

It is equipped with a positioning device. The clamp can be used to position the plate coarsely, and prevent the sheet from moving, ensuring the machining accuracy of the parts and reducing the waste material. What are the characteristics of the rail chain lifting platform? The rail chain type lifting platform, also known as the rail chain type lifting freight elevator, is a non-cutting fork type vertical transportation device. It drives the oil pump by clicking on it, and relies on the cylinder to drive the heavy chain to drive the hydraulic lifting platform to lift. Due to the use of hydraulic pressure as the lifting power, it has the characteristics of large load capacity and stable lifting. 

1.The working platform and the standby platform move at the same time, and the exchange speed is fast.

2.Easy to disassemble, low maintenance and maintenance. 

3.The cost is lower than the hydraulic lift.