Application introduction

Engraving rubber with a laser

With a laser engraving machine ​you can quickly and efficiently process rubber at little cost; whether you are producing a single piece or an entire rubber plate, you can significantly reduce production times with automated processes. That is why stamp engraving with laser devices has become the standard method of choice in stamp production. Furthermore, the laser is suitable for producing laser-engraved printing forms made of rubber for flexographic printing.


Suitable metals for laser marking and engraving

  • Digital printing
    Office and school supplies
    Sign making
  • Flexographic printing
    Rubber-based printing plate production

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Examples of applications

Why should I buy a laser for rubber engraving?

With a ore laser system, you will be able to produce series productions and single peices in an efficient, cost-effective  and flexible manner. Texts, Logos, photos or images with fine details are no problem for the system capabilities.  With this laser system, you can take the layout directly from your graphics software to the material. Additional support materials, such as films and matrices are no longer necessary. Features integrated into the JobControl® laser software, such as the automatic stamp making process, make stamp production very easy and shorten your manufacturing process.

Industrial laser marking: Examples of applications

What is the point of buying a laser for industrial metal marking?

  • How to create a text plate with the laser?

    When creating the text plates for stamps, the design must be inverted and mirrored so that the impression is readable. To obtain a clean, detailed impression on paper, it is important to create so-called shoulders. The Oree JobControl® laser software facilitates your stamp production by executing these processes in an automated fashion. Further processing is thus no longer required.

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Function and advantages of laser technology

  • Function of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    The fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth, which is suitable for high-precision cutting of metal sheets. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products with space saving and gas consumption and high photoelectric conversion rate.

    • Advantages of a Oree laser

    • Excellent beam quality and good cutting quality

    • Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

    • No burr in the cutting, high cutting precision

    • Auto focus, easy to operate and maintain

    • Very low cost of use, cost-effective

    • Closed design, safe and pollution free

    • Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

  • Function of the CO2 laser cutting machine

    The CO2 laser cutting machine adopts a focusing mirror to focus the CO2 laser beam on the surface of the material to melt the material, while blowing the melted material with a compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam, and moving the laser beam and the material relative to each other along a certain trajectory to form a slit of a certain shape

    • Advantages of a Oree laser

    • The output continuous laser is to make the cutting section smoothest.

    • The laser cutting head does not contact with the surface of the material and no damage to the workpiece.

    • Can cut non-metallic materials and has a wide cutting range.

    • No need for molds, saving production costs.

  • Function of the fiber laser marking machine

    Fiber laser marking machine, with the good beam quality. Its output center is 1064nm, the whole machine life is longer about 100,000 hours, compared with other types of laser markers. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is more than 28%, relative 2%-10% conversion efficiency of other types of laser marking machine. Besides that it has outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection.

    • Advantages of a Oree laser

    • Can process a variety of metal, non-metallic materials.

    • Belonging to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality.

    • Thin laser beam is thin, small processing material consumption and the processing heat affected zone.

    • High processing efficiency, computer control, easy to automate

Function and advantages of laser technology

Profitable stamp production

Simple manufacturing

No additional charges for the disposal of chemical waste products

Robust and durable

Non-contact processing

Fine tools

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How deep must the engraving be?

The engraving depth of stamps should be about 0.9 – 1.1 mm. With the JobControl® materials database, the optimal laser parameters for Trotec materials are included in the scope of delivery.

Can (rubber stamps) be cut with the laser as well?

Rubber can be cut to any shape with the laser. In the Trotec JobControl® laser software, various options for automated laser cutting, such as round, square or optimized, can be selected. In addition, the “link” [Stege] function facilitates the handling of entire plates. Upon activation, the cutting lines are automatically interrupted at defined points. This facilitates the removal and cleaning of the plates.

Which lens is suitable for text plate production of stamps?

For texts / images with delicate details, we recommend using the 1.5” lens.

What must be taken into account in the processing of rubber with the laser?

The processing of rubber stamps releases odor and dust. It is therefore important to provide an efficient extraction system for good removal of the dust particles, equipped with a sufficient proportion of activated carbon to filter the odors. We also recommend engraving the stamp plate from the top downwards, so the engraving quality is not affected by dust particles.

How can productivity be increased even further?

Laser engraving of rubber requires relatively high power output to achieve a certain level of productivity. The more power is used, the faster the engraving.

How to clean a laser-engraved and -cut text plate?

It is best to place the plate briefly into an ultrasonic bath after laser processing. Alternatively, water, detergent and a brush are also suitable.ving.