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Embossing presses are used by notaries, companies, engineers and government agencies to add relief embossings, in addition to a signature, in order to protect quality documents from being copied fraudulently. Furthermore, an elegant embossing adds a personal touch to stationery and invitations. Whether it is a logo, home address or something creative, there is no limit to the number of possible applications.

Suitable metals for laser marking and engraving

  • universal tool for material processing

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Examples of applications

What is Delrin?

Delrin is a trade name for the material group polyacetal (POM). This material is highly suitable for laser cutting or engraving because it can easily be removed by the laser beam

Industrial laser marking: Examples of applications

What is the point of buying a laser for industrial metal marking?

  • What requires special attention in the manufacturing of seal presses?

    A good fit between the two forms is important. It is also necessary to ensure that the engraving has the correct depth. The engraving depth should be at least 0.25 mm, but a maximum depth of 0.50 mm must not be exceeded. If the engraving is too shallow, the embossing is barely visible. If the engraving is too deep, the paper may tear. Once determined, the parameters are stored in the materials database of the JobControl® software and can be retrieved at any time.

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Function and advantages of laser technology

  • Function of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    The fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth, which is suitable for high-precision cutting of metal sheets. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products with space saving and gas consumption and high photoelectric conversion rate.

    • Advantages of a Oree laser

    • Excellent beam quality and good cutting quality

    • Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

    • No burr in the cutting, high cutting precision

    • Auto focus, easy to operate and maintain

    • Very low cost of use, cost-effective

    • Closed design, safe and pollution free

    • Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

  • Function of the CO2 laser cutting machine

    The CO2 laser cutting machine adopts a focusing mirror to focus the CO2 laser beam on the surface of the material to melt the material, while blowing the melted material with a compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam, and moving the laser beam and the material relative to each other along a certain trajectory to form a slit of a certain shape

    • Advantages of a Oree laser

    • The output continuous laser is to make the cutting section smoothest.

    • The laser cutting head does not contact with the surface of the material and no damage to the workpiece.

    • Can cut non-metallic materials and has a wide cutting range.

    • No need for molds, saving production costs.

  • Function of the fiber laser marking machine

    Fiber laser marking machine, with the good beam quality. Its output center is 1064nm, the whole machine life is longer about 100,000 hours, compared with other types of laser markers. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is more than 28%, relative 2%-10% conversion efficiency of other types of laser marking machine. Besides that it has outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection.

    • Advantages of a Oree laser

    • Can process a variety of metal, non-metallic materials.

    • Belonging to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality.

    • Thin laser beam is thin, small processing material consumption and the processing heat affected zone.

    • High processing efficiency, computer control, easy to automate

OREE LASER Product Recommendations

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Why should I buy a laser for engraving Delrin?

The laser beam is a universal tool for material processing, so there is no need for tool or grinding costs for milling cutters or drills. During processes such as mechanical engraving, materials must often be clamped in place or fixed with a vacuum. This is not necessary in laser processing, which saves time and money.

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 How to prevent the press from cutting through the paper?

The problem with seal presses can be that Delrin often has too sharp edges, and the punch thus cuts through the paper. Our tip: Set the laser to be out of focus by around 2 mm (= Z-axis offset by 2 mm) – embossing results remain the same, but the edges become more rounded, and the process is therefore gentler to the paper.


Which text size should be chosen for a perfect result?

Text or graphic elements should be at least 0.5 mm or no smaller than a five-point font in size. When using significantly heavier paper grades of 80 g/m², the size of the graphic elements should also be increased.