Flat Mask Full-Automatic Production Line 1+2

This equipment is mainly used for the manufacture of disposable masks, using ultrasonic welding and photoelectric control technology, which can complete the welding of the mask body and ear straps at a time, with a double channel structure. The fully automatic standardization process can greatly reduce labor costs, and effectively reduce manual contact in the production process to achieve aseptic standards, which is the ideal equipment for mask making.

Multi-station non-woven fabric feeding -----> roller conveying -----> mask folding -----> nasal bridge placement -----> ultrasonic edge banding -----> mask Forming -----> Distributor -----> Earband welding -----> Automatic stacking

mm inch
Device model OYD-PMQZ2
Equipment size 6850*3684*1985mm
Total power 13000w
Production capacity 45-60 pieces / min
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Technical Data

mm inch
Equipment size 6850*3684*1985mm
Site requirements 9*4.5m
Compressed air 0.5-0.6Mpa
Total power 13000
Production capacity 45-60 pieces / min

What materials can the laser machine handle?

Application of the Mask production line

Upgrades for the Mask production line

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