Why does the carbon steel bright surface cutting effect have a limited power?

04, 2021

by oreelaser


For carbon steel bright surface cutting, when the thickness of the plate is determined, there is a limit power.


Process analysis of oxygen cutting carbon steel bright surface



 ▲The diameter of the oxygen gas flow is smaller than the diameter of the light spot on the surface of the sheet



(1) Three functions of laser

①Preheating before cutting starts. Before cutting, heat the steel plate to a temperature above the ignition temperature (>1000℃) so that it can react with oxygen at high temperature;

②The preheating effect in the cutting process. The steel plate in a certain area in front of the slit is heated to above the ignition temperature to ensure that the surface can quickly undergo oxidation reaction when the cutting airflow passes.

③The function of heat compensation at the cutting seam. At the cutting seam, compensate the heat loss caused by heat conduction, radiation, slag removal, etc. to ensure the temperature of the cutting area;


(2) The role of oxygen

Cutting effect. Oxygen and high-temperature iron undergo a violent oxidative exothermic reaction, melting the metal and blowing away the slag.


Bright surface cutting conditions:

①Suitable for cutting with small nozzles, with small airflow diameter;

②In order to ensure that the spot diameter on the surface of the plate is large enough, a large defocusing amount is required when cutting;

③The thicker the plate, the larger the spot diameter and the larger the defocusing amount;

④Ensure that the light spot irradiated on the surface of the plate can heat the temperature of the steel plate to above the ignition temperature (>1000℃) in a very short time. Excessive power will increase the heat input and cause the plate to overheat, which is detrimental to the cutting effect;


It can be seen that when cutting carbon steel bright surface, for medium and thin plates, the power of 10+kw cannot play its due advantage. The solution is to use air cutting, which can cut carbon steel like stainless steel, and give full play to the energy of a 10+kw laser to realize high-speed cutting of carbon steel.

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