What should I pay attention to when buying a laser cutting machine?

01, 2021

by Oree Laser

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When faced with a newly purchased laser cutting machine, users will pay special attention to how to use this machine better. Oree Laser will introduce several points for attention:

Acceptance:Check whether the product is the product you purchased, check whether the product is damaged during transportation, and confirm whether all parts are complete and whether there is damage. If there is any transportation damage, laser cutting machine model inconsistency, missing parts, etc., please contact after-sales service in time.

Placement and installation requirements of the laser cutting machine: The equipment should be installed in a dry, well-ventilated, and ambient temperature between +4°C and +33°C; to ensure good cutting quality, keep it away from vibration;The machine stabilizes the average weight of all feet, the ground hardness is high, and the cement thickness is not less than 20cm.

Must have professional grounding.The grounding requirements are copper rods or galvanized iron rods, and the underground part must be greater than 1.5m.

Professional after-sales engineer training: After-sales engineers will explain to you equipment installation, parameter adjustment, routine maintenance and other professional knowledge, so that you can better use the laser cutting machine.

The maintenance of the laser cutting machine will affect the cutting effect of the machine and the life of machine parts.After purchasing the laser cutting machine, if you have any questions about the machine, you can contact the after-sales staff at any time.Oree Laser has more than 100 professional after-sales personnel, providing 24-hour technical services in 12 languages.


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