OreeLaser | What advantages can laser cutting machines play in the field of automobile manufacturing?

09, 2022

by Oreelaser

According to statistics, China's global share of automobile production has increased from 25% in 2012 to more than 30% in 2021, making China the world's largest automobile producer and consumer.



With the increasing demand for product upgrades in the automobile manufacturing industry, the original processing technology of automobile body parts can no longer fully meet today's product quality and production needs. Among them, laser cutting equipment has the characteristics of high precision, porous and complex shape accessories. , so it can be widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, and has the irreplaceable advantages of other CNC cutting equipment.


Taking automobile manufacturing as an example, laser technology is widely used in automobile production workshops, and 50% to 70% of auto parts are completed by laser processing, including laser welding, laser plane cutting, and laser three-dimensional cutting. ORI laser cutting technology is widely used in various aspects such as auto parts, auto bodies, auto door frames, auto trunks, auto roof covers, etc., basically covering all application fields in the auto manufacturing industry, greatly enhancing the performance and practicality of the car sex and beauty.



So what are the advantages of Oree laser cutting machine in the field of automobile manufacturing?


1. Applicable to a variety of material accessories


There are various materials such as low-carbon and low-alloy steel, ferritic stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. for automobile processing, which can be processed by laser cutting equipment, and its processing range has covered almost all materials in automobile processing.


2. High machining accuracy


Compared with other cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment has higher processing precision and can meet the processing requirements of high-precision accessories.


3. The slit width is narrow


The small slit is conducive to reducing the spacing of accessories, improving the utilization rate of materials, and producing less cutting slag during cutting.


4. High utilization rate of materials


When cutting accessories, you can cut different accessories with the same thickness and material, and make full use of the leftovers of the raw materials.


5. Low cutting roughness value


When laser cutting equipment cuts accessories of the same material, the cutting roughness value is lower than other equipment. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the cross-section roughness of workpieces processed by different CNC cutting equipment is significantly different, and the cross-section roughness value of laser cutting is low.


6. Small heat affected zone


During the laser cutting process, the edge of the material to be cut will generate a heat-affected zone due to heat. However, compared with other processing methods, laser cutting has smaller energy concentration and heat input and smaller heat-affected zone. It is of great significance for ferritic stainless steels that are easy to grow grains and high-strength steels that are prone to hardening. It is beneficial to improve the welding seam quality.


7. Low cost of laser cutting for small batch production


In mass production, the process of mold blanking is selected for processing, mass production, the cost of making molds is evenly distributed to each part, and its production cost is low. However, if it is a small batch production, the die blanking process is adopted, not only the die production cycle is long, and the timeliness of parts processing cannot be met, but the die manufacturing cost is evenly distributed to each part, and the processing cost is relatively high. Oree laser cutting can ensure that the parts are formed at one time, which is conducive to improving the timeliness of parts processing, and is suitable for small batch production.



Oreelaser cutting machine has the characteristics of processing high-precision, porous and complex-shaped accessories. Compared with traditional cutting methods, it has low efficiency and low precision. It is very suitable for the modern automobile manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry plays an irreplaceable role in other CNC cutting equipment.

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