Long tube without fear | 12m ultra-long three-chuck heavy-duty laser tube cutting machine TS12035 is coming!

08, 2021


        Current status of ultra-long metal pipe processing

        For a long time, in the field of metal pipe processing, the cutting of super long pipes has attracted much attention. With the rapid development of domestic metal pipe applications and the market, the demand for pipe cutting has also become greater and greater. Traditional pipe cutting mainly includes grinding wheel cutting, circular saw cutting, plasma cutting, etc. However, due to the large cutting edge burrs, high consumption of metal pipes, uneven quality, time-consuming loading and unloading, high labor costs, and processing difficulties larger and so on. Generally, it is not recommended to use traditional pipe-cutting methods for processing.

With the development of science and the increasing rise of technology in the laser field, the current development of laser cutting machines is becoming more and more advanced and intelligent. In the metal processing industry, relying on the advantages of high production efficiency and excellent processing quality, it has successfully ranked among the top of the metal processing equipment, gradually replacing the traditional pipe cutting method, and is strongly sought after by all walks of life in the metal processing field. At present, the common laser pipe cutting machines on the market generally support the cutting of pipes with a length of 6 meters. The limitations of equipment processing have caused long pipe processing orders to be "closed" repeatedly, and it is difficult to support the demand for ultra-long metal pipe processing. Equipment that can support the cutting of ultra-long pipes in metal processing is very rare, and long pipe processing methods are limited, which has always restricted the development of the pipe processing industry.

        The 12-meter ultra-long three-chuck heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine was successfully launched

        Based on the current metal industry processing status, Ori Laser is committed to taking "user needs" as the starting point, close to user production needs, in order to break the technical limitations of ultra-long pipe processing, and constantly seek innovation and breakthroughs, concentrate on the research and development of 12m ultra-long three-chuck heavy-duty laser cutting. The tube machine TS12035 was successfully launched, filling the vacancy of domestic ultra-long and heavy-duty tube laser cutting equipment. Once the product was launched, it received scrambling inquiries from metal processing companies from all over the country. In just a few days, the number of orders was considerable. Now it has been widely used in the metal pipe processing industry and has won unanimous praise from users.

        Advanced cutting technology helps metal processing efficiency take off

        The ultra-long three-chuck heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine TS12035 is high-tech equipment integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, intelligent CNC, and other advanced technologies.

The equipment is not afraid of the trouble of long pipe processing, the pipe utilization rate is greatly improved, and the positioning is accurate and cutting is fast. It supports the processing of ultra-long pipes, cutting round pipes and square pipes with a diameter of 15mm-350mm, and a metal pipe with a length of 12 meters, with a single bearing of 900KG. Three-tray clamping design, one-button self-centering and quick clamping, reducing waiting time for loading and unloading, effectively solving pipe loss, and realizing zero-tailing cutting. The bus real-time system and the integrated design of the follow-up control make the pipe bending cutting faster and the cutting quality guaranteed. Professional 3D nesting software can realize powerful functions such as intelligent nesting and automatic nesting, with simple operation, improved quality and efficiency, and obvious cost reduction.

        Equipment products are suitable for cutting heavy pipes, super long pipes, special-shaped pipes, high-precision intelligent cutting, high induction accuracy, fast response speed, zero cutting tails, saving metal consumables, and diversified processing of one machine to double the output. Ideal for processing metal pipes.

        As an intelligent high-end laser equipment manufacturer, Oree Laser focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of laser cutting equipment, welding equipment, and automated production equipment. Over the years, the company has established a good reputation in the industry by virtue of its strong technical strength, high-quality mature products, and perfect service system, and has won the support and trust of many users. In the future, Oree Laser will continue to rely on advanced R&D and manufacturing technologies, continue to innovate, promote the development of the laser manufacturing industry, and write a new chapter in the industry!

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