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02, 2020

by Oree Laser

Fiber laser cutters are mostly used in heavy industry in the past, such as shipbuilding, aviation. Indeed, the laser cutters have become the pillar of the national heavy industry with its high efficiency and high precision cutting. But don’t overlook its flexibility. Because it doesn’t need a mold, extremely cost-saving; simple operation, and don’t need to hire high-quality operators; the cutting effect is excellent, and various beautiful patterns can be vividly portrayed. It has been closely linked to the small objects in our lives.

● Laser-cut metal bookmarks

Not long ago, the Palace Museum newly launched a beautiful little palace girl bookmark. The metal texture and cute shape make it deeply loved by everyone. It is engraved with laser. You only need to import the designed pattern to complete the beautiful carving you want. No need for long and complicated modeling wait, it is the first choice for many beautiful bookmark manufactures.


Laser-engraved exquisite drawings

Looking at this exquisite picture as thin as a cicada, only a high-precision, highly intelligentlaser cutting machine can do it. Otherwise, traditionally, it is too tedious to make such a delicate pattern. Needless to say the difficulty of the mould, and the inevitable roughness in subsequent cutting. The fiber laser cutting machine is so excellent, it has changed our requirements for exquisiteness!


● Laser-cut and spliced exquisite ornaments

The high precision of laser cutting enables us to study all kinds of data thoroughly. The cut pieces can be seamlessly connected to directly splice the ornaments. The parts cut bylaser cutting machines have smooth cuts and will not hurt your hands during the splicing process.


With the development of the times, the products made by laser cutterhave already covered all aspects of life. Whether it is a car or train that we ride daily, or the elevator appliances in the house, or bookmarks, pictures, laser cutter has become indispensable in our lives.

Oreelaser in Jinan, Shandong has always been the benchmark in the industry, both in the production of large heavy metal devices, cutting and carving of small objects are first-class, no-matter what your needs can be perfectly satisfied.Oreelaser is the perfect choice for your cooperation.



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