12000W super large format| Oree Laser Ground Orbit Fiber

09, 2021


In the afternoon of September 8th, Shangdong Oree Laser Technology Co.Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as Oree Laser) intelligent production base another 12kw Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine successfully rolled of the assembly line. After professional production, careful assembly debugging, and quality inspection, from the appearance of the equipment to the overall performance, all have passed strict quality inspection procedures and are allowed to be shipped. It is reported that the equipment sold this time is OR-GR12040 10kw  Ground Orbit Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-GR12040, with a working length of 12 meters, a width of 4 meters, and a laser power of 12000W. It supports the processing of entire workpieces and solves the processing problems of long workpieces for enterprises.

12000W super large format| Oree Laser Ground Orbit Fiber (图1)

OR-GR Ground Orbit Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

12000W super large format| Oree Laser Ground Orbit Fiber (图2)

OR-GR Ground Orbit Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

12000W super large format| Oree Laser Ground Orbit Fiber (图3)

OR-GR Ground Orbit Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Anhui Hongji Machinery Co., Ltd., which signed the equipment agreement with our company this time, is a mechanical equipment manufacturer integrating design, research, and development, maintenance, and sales. Mainly engaged in the manufacture of high-pressure vessels (single-layer only), medium-pressure vessels, chemical machinery equipment and accessories, metal components production and sales, chemical machinery equipment maintenance, and chemical equipment design and research and development, with strong comprehensive strength and huge production scale. The introduction of the Oree Laser cutting machine provides a strong guarantee for the company to improve quality and efficiency and accelerate the pace of production.

        Since the OR-GR Ground Orbit Laser Cutting Machine came out, sales have been rising steadily, and it has been increasingly recognized and put into production by enterprises. Why is the ground orbit laser cutting machine so popular?


        OR-GR adopts high-precision gantry machine integrated processing technology, heavy gantry split tenon-and-mortise plate welding machine bed, equal-strength welding, compound high-strength anti-burn design, to avoid the load-bearing machine bed due to long-term thermal expansion and deformation. Cutting metal plates has high precision, high speed, small heat-affected zone, a smooth cutting surface without burrs, long-term batch cutting of thick plates, higher stability than similar products, and longer equipment life.


The equipment adopts an ultra-large-format workbench to support the processing of the entire workpiece, and can also be customized according to user needs. The effect of processing thick plates with a power of 10kw is better, and the maximum power of the equipment can reach 30kw. The cutting speed is improved, and the effect is obvious. It is mainly suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, galvanized sheets, and other metal materials.

Modular design is easy to disassemble and easy to maintain


The ultra-large format single-platform modular design, integrated modular blade type support, can realize the rapid replacement of blades without stopping the machine, which is convenient for maintenance.


 Low operating cost and high production efficiency


        This equipment relies on its advanced technology manufacturing advantages, low cost in operating, good cutting quality, high production efficiency, equipped with powerful function operating system, intelligent production brings low cost and high interest for enterprises, which becomes the ideal cutting equipment choice for enterprises in large-format metal processing.It marks that the company's laser equipment production scale has further increased, adding new strength to the manufacturing of intelligent high-end cutting equipment.


        At present, the equipment has successfully arrived in the customer’s  factory, next, our professional engineers and related after-sales personnel will provide customers with free installation and commissioning services based on their actual on-site conditions to ensure the best performance of the equipment. At the same time, they will provide customers with a complete set of equipment information and professional and detailed training guidance. And provide a series of follow-up technical services and support.


        Laser cutting machines have brought remarkable benefits to metal processing, greatly improving the accuracy of cutting materials, curtail the production cycle, bring better economic benefits. Oree Laser equipment is now widely used in automobile sheet metal, chassis cabinets, storage equipment, metal products, advertising decoration, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fitness equipment, elevator accessories, medical equipment, electrical kitchenware, and other industries.

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